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Late last year, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with a lady who has the ability to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables in an environment that is definitely not on anyone's top ten list of garden spots in the United States.

Enter the Tomato Lady of Las Vegas Leslie Doyle.  She is an articulate, gregarious, California transplant, who has feverishly taken her Master Gardening knowledge and skills and demonstrated to the people of this very visible desert community that gardening is easy, fun and incredibly satisfying!  Let's face it, listening to Leslie is the only "sure bet" in town!

Testing tomato seedlings

Leslie took the time out from her busy schedule to show me her very novel and unique Tomato Test Garden. She has it all.. facilities to test different varieties of tomato plants,  a seed packaging  operation, and a production center to get organic products out to the market place.

If she's not in the test garden, you'll find Leslie talking to gardening clubs, writing a newsletter, updating her web site or writing another book on growing tomatoes. Her latest book, Growing the Tomato in Las Vegas in Terrible Dirt and Desert Heat, is a must read!  Maybe countries with drought conditions and extreme heat should make this give this book to its citizenry.


Leslie provides a down home news letter, just sign up, containing great  gardening tips. After you finish reading your first copy, you'll feel like you have known her for years and can't wait till the next letter comes! It is very well done! 

Bookmark This Web site!

If you are fond of gardening, as I know you are :) please visit her Sweet Tomato Test Garden Web Site. 

Her insightful web site offers: 1. How to grow tomatoes and other plants in  extreme environments; 2. A place to sign up for her newsletter 3. And, a virtual store that one can purchase specialty organic products to include: Pesticides, Insecticides, Seaweeds and Tomato Seeds that love to thrive in hot, arid conditions. 

Hubby Bill with a fantastic presentation

Above in her "Sweet Tomato Test Garden" Leslie continually tests new seed varieties and methods for growing tomatoes.  This desert test garden has helped improve the quality and size of tomatoes for many desert gardeners. 

So the the next time you see three tomatoes in a row on your favorite slot machine, you know that Leslie is nearby making sure that the pay out will be sweet tasting tomatoes!


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